Sigma digital format lens

By: elkslayer 5939 days ago
First off, hello to all and merry christmas. I was about to order a cannon ef 70-200mm f/2.8L IS Zoom Telephoto usm autofocus lens from for my sisters Canon EOS rebel XTi 400D when the salesman told me about a new lens made by Sigma. It is a 70-300mm f/4.0 that is "digitaly formated". According to "Tim" there was no image conversion factor. Tim also stated that this tecnology was so new that I would not be able to research it. Can anyone tell me anything about this lens? The price quoted me was $1,299 w/image stabiliser and some other stuff thrown in

Thank you in advance
By: elkslayer 5939 days ago
The Sigma tecnology is called DC for digital
By: jojoerfe 5932 days ago
sigma came out with a line of new lenses designated as DG and DC. Both were exclusively made for dslr's. I have a EF 70-200L and it's a great lens - top of the line for canon. I suggest, if you are looking for a professional lens by sigma, you may try the Sigma EX line of lenses. You can easily identify it. it has a gold rim on it.

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