Canon 28-70 2.8L compared to Canon 28-80 2.84L

By: barbaramac 5961 days ago
I have been using the 28-70 for years. It has a 50 macro component and is a very sharp WA to Normal lens. Unfortunately it dropped off my camera body into a pond and is not repairable. I now see that the newer lens is 28-80. Is there anyone who has used both and can make a comparison for me other than the specs offerred by the manufacturer. I need to replace the lens. Am still working with film but may take a leap to include the 5D by Canon.
By: arb 5805 days ago
I think the replacement for 28-70 2.8L is the 24-70 2.8L made a little wider for the smaller CCD with a 1.6 multiplier,so with most Canon digitals the focal length is 38-112 still a very useful lens with great optics.I bought one and its my favorite,but its become more expensive too.PS I recently dropped a cellphone in the water.
By: jdcarlson 5705 days ago
I have both the 28-80 and the 24-70.

Both are rather large (but probably close to the 28-70 in size).

The 28-80 was reasonably sharp - but the 24-70 will beat it at just about every focal length and aperture.

The 28-80 was the first generation. the 24-70 is the third generation. In most forums the 24-70 is very highly regarded.

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