Pentax vs samsung

By: dichro1 6031 days ago
Does anyone know (with any certainty) if the Pentax and Samsung Xenogon lenses are really the same lenses or not? To all appearances the name on the lens is the only discernible difference. They say that even the colors of the coatings look the same.

They are all new DA lenses I believe.
By: johnriley 6030 days ago
The Samsung cameras and lenses are made in the Pentax factory and would appear to be very similar, if not identical.

I have seen them side by side, and the 50-200mm lenses I was looking at looked exactly the same in terms of coating colour and reflections.

I hear there are some software differences in the bodies, but it doesn't seem to amount to much.

I think the Pentax lenses will retain their second hand value better.

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