Tamron SP 17mm F/3.5

By: TamronSP 5961 days ago
Photodo member dickbach just posted his review of this lens and noted awful color fringing plus bad flare. Dickbach might wish to contact me through my adaptall-2.com web site since I am experienced at refurbishing older Tamron lenses. I assume that dickbach recently purchased a used SP 17mm. The awful color fringing and flare can be caused by one of the rear elements being put back into the lens incorrectly (upside down) during a CLA of the lens. Anyway, this is what the problem sounds like to me. Another dead giveaway would be that the lens doesn't precisely focus at infinity when the focus ring is turned to the infinity stop. Other Photodo members, please help dickbach contact me. I hate to see him stuck with a lens, which I know is a good performer, simply because someone else incompetently performed a CLA on it!

Best Regards to everyone,

By: klc 5874 days ago
I concur that the performance of my SP17 adaptall is superb and there is no visible CA even over full frame on film. The lens is remarkably sharp for a super-wide and flare is no worse than you might expect given its field of view.

Also it has built in filters for warm up and black and white - a much better solution - wish my EF mount Sigma 15-30 had them - much better than rear gelatins, which are difficult to buy, fiddly to cut and expensive!

The SP17mm has a strong reputation, and seems to be well deserved judging by my example.


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