Replacing kit lens with a bit more reach

By: Raithmir 6514 days ago
Hi folks,

Only just discovered photodo today :) I have a 350D with the 18-55 kit lens and an older 75-300 that I picked up cheap second hand.

I'm now looking at replacing the kit lens for something a bit better and preferably with a bit more reach. I thought I'd get the Canon 17-85 IS, but after reading the review on here on the Sigma 18-125 it sounds like a pretty good little lens. Would save me a fair amount over the Canon lens and although the IS would be good for low light stuff most of my photo's are in daylight outdoors so I'm wondering if I'd be better off saving money and getting even more range with the Sigma!

Thoughts? Alternatives?

Thanks for reading :)
By: IanA 6510 days ago
It depends on the quality that you are after. It is generally accepted that the higher quality lenses have smaller zoom ratios than 3:1 or there abouts.
Zooms generally have their worst performance at the longer end, and stretching the zoom in that direction tends not to work too well.

So, if you expect to use the long end a lot, go for a lens that starts around 50/70mm. Depending on your budget, replace the kit lens with either of the Sigma alternatives and get a 50-200mm or 70-300.

Hope it helps.
By: danielpara 6481 days ago
My suggest is 17-70mm Sigma. Good Optic. Good Range.

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