This site is very useful

By: gerzso 6405 days ago
I have known about this site and its ancestors for some time now. I think that with the advent of digital photography it will become an even more valuable site because in the end the really important components are going to be lenses and post capture software. The camera body must be looked at as one does a computer these days : doesn't last long technologically and physically - so it will be replaced regularly. The long term investments are the know how associated with post capture software and the lenses which are costly when of high quality. The existence of Dxo doesn't fundamentally change anything even though it is very practical. But Dxo can't provide the information the lens didn't pick up - so choosing a lens is important and your site is a great help in doing so.
By: larryro2 6297 days ago
Thanks for the come-back!

I have a Nikon 20mm F 3.5 and have oil on the rearof the diaphram.

can I clean this?How?what do I use?


By: johnriley 6296 days ago
I wouldn't try - it needs dismantling and cleaning and you need the proper tools and expertise IMHO.
By: olddudders 6288 days ago
As far as I can see, this site has transferred from being a scientific measurement database, to a place where consumers can air their views. i have found no MTF tests of any modern Nikon lenses, but plenty of user reports.

Of no interest to me, thanks.
By: johnriley 6288 days ago
That's OK, but there are plenty of MTF tests on all sorts of lenses. I wasn't aware of the original site so I can't compare. Have you filled in any reports on the Nikon lenses you have used - it could be of value to someone.

By: ysabinin 6283 days ago
to olddudders:

Subjective experiences of owners are just as useful as scientific measurements, IMHO. How do you compare a lens which is easy to focus but has a rating of 3.4 to a lens which is almost impossible to focus precisely (quickly, anyway) but has a rating of 3.8? By the measurement alone, the latter is better - but most of your shots will be cr@p if you are trying to get a fast shot. This is the beauty of this site - there are both. Read one, read the other or choose only one of them - G*d knows, there are enough manufacturer-sponsored (and influenced) sources of biased info out there; this is one of the few objective ones. No site is perfect but these guys are doing a great job!

By: BogongB 6257 days ago
Thanks for keeping this site alive. It's predecessor has been a great resource over the years and now we have both sites available. Very much appreciated.

It's very useful not just in purchasing decisions, but as a speedy way to help find/confirm the "sweet spot" of my existing (and resurrected) lenses.
By: Alin 5463 days ago is my favourite and second - photo hosting for my pictures

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