Advice on lens fo Olympus E300

By: sarzM 6543 days ago
Hi all.
I am after a lens that is suitable for taking close-up shots of kids and babies faces. Close enough to get just eyes and eyelashes or lips for example. I am using a Olympus E300 DSLR.
Thanks heaps for your time. S.
By: epzPete 6543 days ago
Sounds like you need either a macro lens or an ordinary lens with a close up lens (filter) attached.

We have the 35mm and 50mm Olympus and 105mm Sigma lenses listed in the lens search feature, and the guides section has details of the close up attachments/accessories.
By: IanA 6543 days ago
With the Olympus E-300 crop factor of 2x, I would suggest the 50mm Olympus which has a reproduction ratio of 1:2 and will get you close enough without having to poke them in the eye!

By: sarzM 6542 days ago
Thanks Ian. How much more effective would this lens be than the stadard lens that comes with the camera for these sort of photos. Thanks. S.
By: IanA 6542 days ago
The effectiveness of any photograph is down to the photographer. ;-)
However, it will enable you to get closer in without getting physically closer as it is a tad longer focal length than the kit lens. The quality sould be higher too.


By: sarzM 6540 days ago
Thanks Ian.
I am looking at the Olympus 35mm or Olympus 50mm. Which do you think would give the best result for the photos mentioned above.
Thanks again. S.
By: IanA 6540 days ago
They are both going to do the job. The choice is down to you.
The 35mm is less than half the price of the 50mm but you will need to work a little closer for the same results. With the naked eye, there is nothing in it as far as optical quality goes.


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