Photodo bugs and suggestions for improvement?

By: Will 6518 days ago

A small bug was pointed out that influenced how the individual ratings were displayed, has been fixed.

 If you find any other bugs on the site, please mention them here.

By: Will 6515 days ago
The menu has been moved to the top left rather than being at the top. This is so we have more space to add more menu links when new sections are added.
By: markk 6511 days ago
Lens search bug: everytime after I have finished searching for one lens, I cannot proceed for another lens search
By: Will 6511 days ago
Hi Mark,

This is the intended behaviour. To start a new search please use the red crosses at the top of the search to clear your previous search criteria.

I'll add a function to make this easier soon.
By: markk 6507 days ago
By: gord 6496 days ago
Hey guys:
In your nikon lens listings, you don't even list the 43-86mm f3.5 zoom. I logged in to do a review of it. Guess what?
By: epzPete 6494 days ago
Gord, try this: 43-86mm. Just for you ;-)
By: johnriley 6494 days ago
Any chance of the forum getting the pHp format like the PU site? As the traffic grows this simple format could get a bit cluttered?
By: tondeg 6491 days ago

When you own a lens not in the list, how do you ago about having it added to the list.

Missing two of the older more famous Minolta lenses, the 28-135 f4 and the 70-210 f4 called the beercan ;-)

Another general question, will there be some more MTF testing done, or are the new figures allways based on the manufacturers figures?

By: IanA 6490 days ago
As far as the general question is concerned, none of the 'new' figures are based on the manufacturers figures, they are all done in house using the Imatest Pro system.


By: tondeg 6482 days ago

Could there be a standard sort on the lenses displayed? At the moment I can't see the logic, when you choos f.i. Pentax, the lenses and types are not logically sorted.

I think something as a sort on focal lens would make searching a lot easier.

All the best,
By: chrisg 6482 days ago
Not sure if you could call this a bug, but I found nowhere to submit a new lens for consideration (in this case: the Canon EF 50 1.8 I). Now some people are adding their ratings for Mark I to the Mark II lens, thus watering down the results.

Thanks for an otherwise great site showing much promise.

By: ponilitiza 6481 days ago
I visited the site hoping to see information on large format lenses. Alas, it's not there yet, but I'm hoping it can be added. My suggestions:

1. Add manufacturers for LF lenses: Schneider, Rodenstock, Sinar, Fuji, Caltar, etc.

2. For lens mount, either add the generic "lensboard" or, preferably, the more specific "lensboard #0", "lensboard #1", etc.

3. Some peer-reviewed mechanism for adding lenses.

It's a joy to see all this info available. Thanks!

By: Will 6478 days ago
"Could there be a standard sort on the lenses displayed?"

Yes, this has now been changed so they are sorted by ascending focal length.

We will add a page where new lenses can be added.

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