Vivitar Auto Macro 55mm f/2.8 Vintage Review

Vivitar Auto Macro 55mm F2,8 Front Oblique View

There are some lenses that achieve a certain legendary status over the years, and the Vivitar Auto Macro 55mm f/2.8, made by Komine, is probably one of the better known. Having been given the loan of a boxed example of the lens that has hardly been touched since new, it's an interesting chance to review it using the Pentax K-1 36mp full frame DSLR. From the serial number of 28711929, the lens falls into the years where the numbers can be deciphered. This gives us the maker (28 is Komine), the year of manufacture (7 could be 1977 or 1987), the month of manufacture (11 is November) and the serial number within that month (929). So far so good, let's see how it works out in practice.

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