For canon 6d which lens would be cheap and best,wedding and photoshoot

By: suryabarat 408 days ago
Want to buy a lens but not able to decide which manufacturer. And need it for wedding photography and photo shoots which would be nice I am a beginner can someone help me.(sigma,tamron,Samyang....)Can someone help me please
By: suryabarat 408 days ago
Also need help choosing lens in the specs of 35mm,45mm etc thanks
By: johnriley 408 days ago
You're asking a very broad question here and the answer depends very much on what you are intending to do. If you're a beginner I would not contemplate wedding photography until you have a good deal of practice/experience.

If you want a general purpose lens, which is probably the best place to start, then I'd suggest the standard zoom that comes with the camera. After a while using this you will become aware of its limitations. At that point you will be able to decide whether you need a longer lens, or perhaps a wider lens, or maybe a faster lens.

Hope that helps!

Best regards

By: suryabarat 408 days ago
Thanks for replying I mean I am a user with canon camera, I am clicking pictures since 4 years....I use to free lance did photo shoots but not professional wedding photography and for clicking my friends who are models....I previously used a nikon 5000 with 18-55mm and also I had a 55-300mm now I want to buy a camera which I can use it for wedding photography and shooting portraits

Bob surya
By: johnriley 408 days ago
You could do that with similar lenses, but you might add a fast 50mm f/1.8 or f/1.4 for use at the evening reception. Available light shots at such events can look good.

Weddings can be shot with very simple gear. Professional used to use fixed lens Rolleiflex TLRs with great success. The demands on the type of images are greater now, but if I had to I could shoot a wedding with just the 18-55mm lens.

Lens choice is very personal, but if you keep it simple it will make life much easier on the day.

Best regards

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By: zaira91 134 days ago
OK, so I want to go searching for telephoto lenses.
So I go to
In the "Add a filter" combo box I select focal length. Then I enter 100 and 1000mm
and then click on the "Apply Filter" button.

Then the following text gets displayed on the screen
No results found, please change your search filter.
By: Jhonny12 108 days ago
There are a lot of blogs and articles out there on this topic, but you have acquired another side of the subject.
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