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The lens is very tiny, but undeniably well made. The 11.5mm focal length is an interesting choice, giving us a 35mm-equivalent of 63.5mm on the Q and Q10 and 53mm on the Q7. So is either a standard lens or a modest telephoto depending upon your camera. The lens is a single element with a circular Waterhouse stop style of aperture yielding f/9. No adjustment of aperture or focusing is possible and the lens offers depth of field that covers 1' – 6.6' or 0.3m – 2m. At 8g in weight it is hardly noticed and it protrudes so little that lens and camera can now slip easily into a shirt pocket.

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My immediate thoughts were that such a lens must start to suffer from diffraction as all other Q lenses stop at f/8, however, the circular aperture may make the difference. The close focus means the lens must be as short sighted as I am, so all distant subjects must be blurred. If we consider what subjects this leaves us then we have close ups and possibly spontaneous party and holiday pictures. After that we are in the realm of creative blur, which is fair enough as we can spend a whole lot of money on Lomography-style kit.

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