Fujifilm Fujinon XF 27mm f/2.8 Lens Review

Fujifilm Fujinon XF 27mm f/2.8 Handling and features

Fujifilm XF 27mm Lens (3)

Being only 23mm long and weighing only 78g, this lens is very lightweight and compact. Even so, the build quality of this optic isn't compromised with it being constructed from robust materials and having a metal lens mount. The compact size and light weight make this lens a good travel companion for the Fujifilm X-Pro1 body used for testing.

Focusing is performed by extending the centre portion of the lens barrel, as is typical with pancake type lenses, although the 39mm filter thread does not rotate, making it perfect for use with polarising and graduated filters. The focusing ring is smooth to operate and well damped, making fine adjustments a pleasure to apply.

Unlike Fujifilm's XF lenses, there is no manual aperture ring, with aperture control being provided via the adjustment wheel on the rear of the camera. The X-Pro1 required a firmware update to properly support the lens. The process for completing this is fairly straightforward, so long as you have a USB card reader to copy the update to a formatted card.

Autofocus is fairly quick in good lighting conditions, although the lens does tend to hunt a little, especially in low light conditions and when attempting to focus close.
Fujifilm XF 27mm Lens (1)

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