Yasuhara Madoka 180 7.3mm f/4 Sony NEX Fisheye Lens Review

Yasuhara Madoka 180 7.3mm f/4 Fisheye Lens Handling and features

This fairly basic lens is constructed from a mixture of high quality plastics and metal and feels very solid as a result. The lens is quite compact only protruding by one and a half inches from the lens mount, and is also quite lightweight, weighing around 200g. The size and weight make this lens a perfect companion for the NEX 3 body used for testing.

Focusing and aperture control are both completely manual, as the lens has no electronic interface with the camera. The aperture ring is divided by full stop intervals, and clicks firmly into place for each. A narrow focusing ring with distances between infinity and 10 centimetres has no damping and is easily knocked off focus by accident as a result.

Photographing anything over a metre away is straightforward, as the lens can simply be left at infinity. Setting one of the soft buttons to magnify the screen can be of real use when focusing closer, to ensure sharp focus.

Yasuharai Madoka 180 7 3mm (1)

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