Need help about Kiron 70-210 f4 zoomlock versions

By: stutzen 601 days ago
I recently purchased a Kiron 70-210 F4 zoomlock. It has been stated at pentaxforums that the zoom has also focus lock and if you examine the pictures at, yes it has !
However the one I have does not have these two rings on the lower end of the focus sleeve. On some Nikon versions I have seen that these adjustable focus limiters are at the very end of the lens mount.
Are there different versions of "Kiron" 70-210 F4 zoomlock ?
By: johnriley 601 days ago
It's entirely possible that there is more than one version of this lens. I can't be definitive about it though, so perhaps A Google search will bring up a specialist Kiron site?

By: desyon 94 days ago
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By: Isaes 26 days ago
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