Bug in the browse lenses page

By: feraudy 634 days ago
OK, so I want to go searching for telephoto lenses.
So I go to http://www.photodo.com/browse-lenses
In the "Add a filter" combo box I select focal length. Then I enter 100 and 1000mm
and then click on the "Apply Filter" button.

Then the following text gets displayed on the screen
No results found, please change your search filter.

This is clearly a bug.
By: johnriley 634 days ago
I think the problem is that you are trying to search for two things at once. There's no such thing as a 100 and 1000mm lens.

Try one or the other and you should be fine.

Best regards

By: pbaseccc 310 days ago
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By: ziggoos 240 days ago
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By: Fotogooroo 239 days ago
Why can't we just type in the name of the lens like,"Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.4.," the way all of the other lens testing sites do? Hmmm? Oh, yes. I've been taking pictures for 73 years, am a published author, founded a travel photography school in San Diego in 1978, founded a stock picture agency in 1975 and build my own cameras. I don't
appreciate getting ads instead of data, when putting in filters to get a simple rating on a particular lens. It shouldn't take a quarter of an hour!
By: johnriley 239 days ago
I've just tried a search for Zeiss. It only took a few seconds but returned just five results. Is that what you found or did you actually find the 50mm f/1.4?

I found an entry now for carl Zeiss and that brings up an f/1.4 version of the 50mm. No user reviews but there is a CA chart and a resolution chart, plus some sample images.

It only took a few moments to find though, but agree it's not the most elegant of search methods.
By: BeachSa 90 days ago
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By: adminpool 44 days ago
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By: desyon 30 days ago
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By: yail3uSieg 21 days ago
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