Reason for Huge Price Difference??

By: dhurjati 4236 days ago
I am armature photo enthusiast who is still learning about technical details of photography...I know that nikon and canon runs neck to neck and no one can say that one is better than the other....

But I found it is very unlikely to have such huge price difference in following two lens of nikon and canon...

1. Nikor 28 - 300 cost 74K INR (Indian Rupee) compared to Canon 28 - 300 costs 205k !!!!!

2.Nikor 80 - 400 costs 97K INR compared to canon 100 - 400 costs 150K INR

now my question is there any technical advantage canon have that I am unaware and that is the reason the price is so high?

Can any one give me any detailed comparison among the above said lenses?
By: johnriley 4236 days ago
I've answered this in you other post, but to recap, it depends on whether a lens is intended to be a consumer lens or a professional lens. It also depends on the design and whether it is a wide aperture lens or a compact lens with a smaller maximum aperture.

It will not necessarily directly relate to the quality of the end result.

Best regards

By: briankeant 3058 days ago
I have used both lenses in question here extensively. To me, f4 still has its advantages. It lets you capture under dimmer light and use lower ISO.
The 80-400mm/f4.5-5.6 AF-S VR is considerably smaller. Therefore, it is good for hand camera shots.
By: miracleMar 2471 days ago
Yes, you are right about the big difference in price. However, this is a justifiable difference, since better equipment always costs more. In addition, I advise you to read this maybe this will help you figure it out.
By: ilookfor1 1654 days ago
i would like to add that even you chose one of the lens you suggested here, the difference are not clear.
There are so many parameters for each one, that choosing becomes really difficult.
I had an expert
help me chose. It helped.
Good luck.
By: cohenarik 1335 days ago
Although choosing photographer is very difficult, I can say that I was able to find someone who understands the differences between the photographs. It's all a matter of some investors in a professional photographer search

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