Suggestions on Nikkor lens

By: dhurjati 4210 days ago
I have a nikor 18 - 105 and a tameron 70 - 300 lens with Nikon D3200....
I am planning to upgrade to a full frame camera and also wants a higher range telephoto zoom as I like nature photography.....I have couple of doubts...if any one can give some light on them....

1. Should I buy Nikon 80 -400 as telephoto or is it not a considerable upgrade compared to 70 - 300.

2. Why on the earth nikon 200 -400 costs so high compared to nikon 80 - 400.

3.if 80 - 400 is not an option then should I go for 200 -400 zoom or a prime zoom of 400 or 500 mm?

4.One very debatable question...but I would like have the opinions of others...just by browsing I felt Canon Lenses are having much better range and variety than if I am planning seriously photography specially wildlife photography as profession Canon is better option than Nikon???
By: johnriley 4210 days ago
1. You'll need to check out reviews and look at the lens tests to research this.

2. Different lenses are made for different pusposes. Some are professional tools and priced accordingly. Some are made with lower cost in mind for the consumer market. In the latter case the optical performance will no doubt still be excellent, but the construction may not be as rugged.

3. I depends what you need fron a lens. I would research what these daifferent lenses are designed for and then relate that to your intended use. For example, if you wanted to take very close images you would buy a macro lens.

4. It makes no difference what marque you employ as long as it suits you personally. Try out the different cameras in a shop and see which one you prefer the feel of. That will be the one you use intuitively and get the results from. Don't forget the other makes such as Sony, Pentax and Olympus. As long as you can get the one lens you want to buy it doesn't matter how many others are sold by a maker.

Hope that helps.

Best regards

By: dhurjati 4210 days ago
Thanks for your answers John....I really appreciate that...Just one more stupid question....when we say professional Vs Consumer aspect is glass quality what other aspects are there that creates the cost difference??

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By: johnriley 4209 days ago
Construction (metal or plastic?) Wide aperture or small aperture? Close focus or limited close focus? metal or plastic mount? Fixed aperture design for zooms or variable aperture?

All these things and more contribute. A professional lens has to stand up to years of hard use. A consumer lens will have much lighter use. Optical quality can be similar for both, especially when stopped down.

By: johnriley 3283 days ago
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By: johnspel 3025 days ago
The NIKKOR 70-300mm has a nice zoom range for sports shoots. Fast enough. This lens could easily be used for portraiture but I have other Nikkors lens with different camera set for that. Recommended!

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