Best telephoto lens brand and m4/3 lens vs. DSLR

By: rinoxus 3020 days ago
I was wondering if there is a superior telephoto lens brand and if the telephoto micro 4/3rds lenses were comparable to the DSLR, i.e. Nikon and Canon. Experiences are nice, but some published references or measurements would be nice.

By: johnriley 3020 days ago
This site, ePHOTOzine, DPReview and many others are full of figures and test results, so have a long browse and you'll find the information you are looking for.

Modern telephoto lenses are nosltly excellent, so quality should not be an issue.

Best regards

By: johnspel 1695 days ago
I think that's a great question and you do need a little research to figure this out by yourself with rhis resources and some lens blogs.
By: miracleMar 1244 days ago
I recommend any Olympus or Panasonic lens from the last five years in addition to a couple of others.

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