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By: dhurjati 3064 days ago
I am a ameture phtographer who dreams big to be a pro one day.....I have a Nikon D3200 with dx lense 18-105....Now it is for sure I am going to upgrade my camera to one of the full frame camera like Nikon D3s or Canon 5D Mark II.....

Now I have three questions......
which one brand is a little better for professional photography??? Nikon or Canon??

I read many articles and riview on this topic on internet and none of them can give a specific verdict with reasons.....when I am asking which one brand is best I am asking mainly on two parameters...
1.Image Quality
2.Better technology for taking photo in all low light etc....
3.Value for money....

User friendlyness is not a matter for me.....

Currently I am not sure about which one best for image quality and and technology but value for money I find in using it... But a little confused with this fact that Canon has more options in not sure when I am going to upgrade Ishould stay with Nikon or choose canon?

any specific verdict on this would be great...

My second question does Digic and Expeed processor does exact the same work or they have anything advantage over the other??

my last question is if I decide to stay with Nikon...then I will buy Fx lenses and will use them on my Dx camera untill I upgrade...will that be a problem??

Thanks for your help....
By: johnriley 3064 days ago
Lots of questions, but in the end the answer is that all marques will produce professional quality images. We become professionals because of our photographic skills, not because opf what equipment we use.

As well as Nikon and canon there is also Pentax, Sony and Olympus, all of whom make superb lenses and have suitable cameras that you could consider.

However, you have started with Nikon and there is no reason to change. Nikon produce superb cameras and lenses, more choice that any one person could ever hope to need.

If you use your current kit for a while, which model you need to upgrade to will become evident when you find some limitation in your current line up.

Hope that helps!

Best regards


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