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Jan 19th, 2011MichaelMcG

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This lens is outstanding value. It is beautifully built , comes with a big petal lens shade. It is better than my Nikkor 28-105 and a local press photographer friend is looking for one now that he has used mine to great effect on his Canon 7D .
It's a good sharp lens suitable for enlargements up to 16x20 inch on my Canon D40. At twilight on a winter's evening it captured the time on the Town Hall clock tower clearly at a distance of the length of High Street, about five hundred yards , in a 16X20 enlargement , that's super-duper sharp!
But , understandably , as the light fell further it then soft-focused on an ancient city wall , but still captured it clearly!
And later on it excelleed close-up , within two feet , on flash photographing small still-lifes I set up in my home studio.
I am delighted so far , putting it through such further strenuous steps.
However I think you will have to be an experienced photographer who knows what you are doing with this lens.

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