Olympus Zuiko 150mm f/2 Reviews

Sep 15th, 2019Bytesmiths

Price Paid
$828 USD

Product Understanding

Time Owned
Less than a year

This is one of the very best lenses I have ever used. It is tack-sharp, corner-to-corner, at any aperture. It gets a tiny bit better at /2.8, but essentially, it is wonderful at /2.0.

It is not a voice-coil focus, and the focus, while fairly fast, is not fast by today's standards, and it makes a fair bit of noise, but it was certainly up to speed in its day.

It is fairly big and heavy, but it is certainly hand-holdable, especially at shutter speeds /2 allows, and especially with IBIS.

I bought this on an "overstock" sale at KEH.com, and am extremely pleased. It was rated "BGN," KEH's second-lowest category, but I think evilBay sellers would call it "MINT+++++!"

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