Olympus OM Zuiko MC AUTO-S 50mm f/1.4 Reviews

Sep 21st, 2015ronghua

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This is the last of Zuiko 50s. It is better overall than all previous versions: better colour, contrast, sharpness. It has no chromatic aberration. It has the most consistent image quality across the frame for each aperture of all lenses. At f1.4 the image is soft with smooth bokeh, so will require postpro to sharpen. By f2.8 the images sharpens greatly and this is perfect for portraits. By f4 the image is razor sharp. Best apertures for sharpness are 5.6 to 11. This is an ultra-high resolution legacy lens. Images are not flat like digital, but rather have some roundess to them giving the image depth. Coma for this lens is the least among other lenses for its vintage. I think this lens equals my G45 for IQ, and betters it for speed and mechanics. The mechanics are superb: with a focus smoothness to rival Leica. The best and latest lenses have serial number +1,000,001. The lens has a cult following, for good reasons. It is an excellent lens for the Sony A7+ and prices are increasing quickly for the +1mm serial numbered lenses. This lens is now my daily lens.

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