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Jan 9th, 2009VRII

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More than a year

Big hunk of glass, about the same size as the 85mm F/1.4

Wide open characteristics:
Very soft, low contrast, lots of CA and purple fringing. Best used only at night time low light, low contrast situations

The lens sharpens up by F/2.8, off the charts sharp by F/4

Compared to the 105mm F/2.5mm the IQ and sharpness are identical even magnified at 200% you can not tell them apart.

The main advantage of the 105mm F/1.8 is the much , much brighter view finder and it's easier to focus manually.

The main drawback, the size and bulk and it's cumbersome to reach and twist the aperture ring,

Buy it if you really need F/1.8or if you want to focus manually. Otherwise the 105mm F/2.5 will be the same and it will be much easier to carry on the field.
Apr 5th, 2013dfburden

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Product Understanding

Time Owned
Less than a month

I bought the lense used and is almost "welded" in my Nikon d800. It is a joy to use in every sense: optical, mechanical, dynamical (camera+lense integration), sense of confidence. I?m an "A-mode" addict, so adding my left hand in the whole composition process (aperture/focus) while keeping the right for some other functions and, specially, to be "there" at the decissive moment, makes the manual focus of this lense a "plus".
p.s.: the extra price for the f/1.8 (over the f/2.5) is worth every single sterling, and even more considering the life of a lense.

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