Leica Apo-Summicron-M 90mm f/2 ASPH Reviews

Aug 6th, 2006GarySandhu

Price Paid
$1400 USD

Product Understanding

Time Owned
Less than a year

Superb optics. High contrast edge to edge, as well as excellent resolution right to edges. Only minimal improvement stopping down. Actually shorter than the elmarit-M 90/2.8. Colour slides have the best colour I've ever seen (likely thanks to the Apo correction). Solid construction similar to all recent Leica lenses.I think this may be the best Leica lens.
Feb 20th, 2017jtemple

Price Paid

Product Understanding

Time Owned
More than a year

Critically sharp wide open with no discernable loss in the corners (film, so limited ability to enlarge). Very little improvement stopping down. The sharpest lens I have ever owned.
Only my Nikkor 105 macro comes close.

Ergonomically excellent and quality is unsurpassed. This is the one lens that I will never part with.

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