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Mar 30th, 2015biggles3

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I'm always frightened when I take out this lens as the huge front element is not really protected by the petal-shaped lens hood - and being a true wide-angle, it can't be. So of course, like the Zeiss 16mm F-Distagon fish-eye, filters are internal. This lens stays in its case until I need it and it goes straight back in afterwards. It is a massive piece of glass but focusing is smooth and precise when looking through the bright viewfinders of Contax cameras. It is incredibly sharp in the centre of the image and from f5.6, the edges are too - illumination is very good at the edges too from f5.6 upwards. The lens offers excellent contrast and despite the massive curvature of that huge front element, I have rarely experienced flare using this Distagon. Is it worth 1000 more than the 18m f4? To be honest, for the average photographer, probably not as it's rare to need a 110 degree true wide-angle perspective but if you need this, you won't find a better lens. However, for a fraction of the price, you could use the Tamron SP 17mm f3.5 which is not far off the same field of view and is tack-sharp too.

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