Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L

Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5LManufacturer's Description:

"A TS-E lens with tilt and shift capabilities enables the correction of perspective distortion and depth of field. A large-diameter ground and polished glass aspherical lens is used for the front element, correcting distortion and coma that tends to occur on tilt and shift movements. It provides a large image circle necessary for tilt/shift coverage. A floating design provides sharp and high-contrast images from the closest focusing distance of 0.3m to infinity. Electronic control of diaphragm by EMD (Electromagnetic Diaphragm) enables AE (Auto-Exposure) photography even in a tilt/shift lens. Manual focusing only. There are two more TS-E lenses in EF mount lens series."
Image circle diameter: 58.6mm
Tilt: ± 8 degrees
Shift: ± 11mm
Discontinued more info Yes Contribute
Year announced No Data Contribute
Lens Mounts
  • Canon EF
Focal Type Wide Contribute
Focal Length more info 24mm Contribute
Angle of View more info 85 Contribute
Max Aperture more info f/3.5 Contribute
Min Aperture more info f/22 Contribute
Filter Size more info 72mm Contribute
Stabilised No Contribute
35mm equivalent No Data Contribute
Internal focusing more info No Data Contribute
Maximum magnification more info No Data Contribute
Min Focus 30cm Contribute
Macro more info No Contribute
Focusing modes more info
    Blades 8 Contribute
    Elements 11 Contribute
    Groups 9 Contribute
    Weather-sealed more info No Data Contribute
    Box Contents
    Box Contents more info No Data Contribute
    Weight 570g Contribute
    Height 86.8mm Contribute
    Diameter 78mm Contribute
    MTF Data
    Effective focal length 25mm Contribute
    Weighted MTF 24 mm: f3.5 0.73 | f8 0.77 Contribute
    Average Weighted MTF 0.75 Contribute
    Weighted MTF 10 lp/mm 0.87 Contribute
    Weighted MTF 20 lp/mm 0.70 Contribute
    Weighted MTF 40 lp/mm 0.41 Contribute
    Distortion No Data Contribute
    Grade 3.3 Contribute
    Photodo MTF Score 3.3 Contribute

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