Canon EF 50mm f/1.0 L USM

no photoManufacturer's description:
"The world's fastest interchangeable SLR lens with a super large maximum aperture. It has two spherical lens elements and four elements with a high refractive index. Outstanding delineation with minimal flare even at the maximum aperture. This lens ushers you to a new avenue of photographic possibilities. A dream lens in the AF age."
Discontinued more info Yes Contribute
Year announced No Data Contribute
Lens Mounts
  • Canon EF USM
Focal Type Standard Contribute
Focal Length more info 50mm Contribute
Angle of View more info 0 - 46 Contribute
Max Aperture more info f/1 Contribute
Min Aperture more info f/16 Contribute
Filter Size more info 72mm Contribute
Stabilised No Contribute
35mm equivalent No Data Contribute
Internal focusing more info No Data Contribute
Maximum magnification more info No Data Contribute
Min Focus 24cm Contribute
Macro more info No Contribute
Focusing modes more info
    Blades 8 Contribute
    Elements 11 Contribute
    Groups 9 Contribute
    Weather-sealed more info No Data Contribute
    Box Contents
    Box Contents more info No Data Contribute
    Weight 985g Contribute
    Height 81.5mm Contribute
    Diameter 91.5mm Contribute
    MTF Data
    Effective focal length 52mm Contribute
    Weighted MTF 50 mm: f1 0.46 | f1.4 0.55 | f2 0.66 | f2.8 0.74 | f4 0.78 | f8 0.81 Contribute
    Average Weighted MTF 0.80 Contribute
    Weighted MTF 10 lp/mm 0.88 Contribute
    Weighted MTF 20 lp/mm 0.76 Contribute
    Weighted MTF 40 lp/mm 0.55 Contribute
    Distortion No Data Contribute
    Grade 3.9 Contribute
    Photodo MTF Score 3.9 Contribute

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