Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Reviews

Oct 4th, 2010aquarius

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This is the 'kit lens' that came with my Canon 5d mk2.
Excellent build quality.
Basically sharp wide open at all focal lengths.
Excellent image stabilisation allowing me to leave the tripod at home! (most of the time)
Fast, silent, accurate, focussing.

Quite big, and noticably expensive, not the best for street photography or other situations where you want to go undercover!

Distortion and heavy vignetting at 24mm
Depth of field control limited by maximum aperture of f4.

I highly recommend this lens for general photography or travel photography, it is very versatile and the image quality with regards to sharpness is up there with prime lenses.
Nov 17th, 2015Alwev

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Used as a walk around SUMMER lens for railway photography with a 7D. Most users set it at f7.1. At f4 on my unit there is a tad softness on right hand side. I prefer prime lenses to zooms but in good light this performs excellently. Now these have come down in price you cannot be without one. I still prefer my 28,25,and 50mm Zeiss primes but this lens gets me pictures I would miss using the primes. Not as much depth of field as the 70-200L series in the same range for some reason.
Not perfect but pretty much as good as it gets taking the zooming range into consideration.

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