Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS USM

Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS USMManufacturer's Description:

"The first EF telephoto zoom lens with a high-magnification zoom range of 100 to 400mm. This is the first L type zoom lens with IS (Image Stabilizer) system. The dual-mode IS mechanism corrects camera shake blurring equivalent to two shutter speed steps. The IS Mode-1 works for normal shooting and IS Mode-2 is suitable for panning shots of a moving subject, stabilizing images in viewfinder. The optical system uses one artificial crystal fluorite and one Super UD (Ultra-low Dispersion) glass lens elements(3rd & 7th), which thoroughly correct chromatic aberration. The minimum focusing distance of 1.8m is achieved throughout zooming range. The floating system in rear focusing system is employed for the first time for EF zoom lens to achieve a high definition for the entire focusing range. A ring USM (Ultrasonic Motor) drives high-speed and silent AF and full-time manual focusing. Linear zooming design with zooming friction adjustment ring gives a good operability of this lens. Extenders EF1.4X and EF2X are compatible with this lens."
Discontinued more info Yes Contribute
Year announced No Data Contribute
Lens Mounts
  • Canon EF USM
Focal Type Tele zoom Contribute
Focal Length more info 100mm - 400mm Contribute
Angle of View more info 7 - 25 Contribute
Max Aperture more info f/4.5 - f/5.6 Contribute
Min Aperture more info f/32 - f/38 Contribute
Filter Size more info 77mm Contribute
Stabilised No Contribute
35mm equivalent No Data Contribute
Internal focusing more info No Data Contribute
Maximum magnification more info No Data Contribute
Min Focus 180cm Contribute
Macro more info No Contribute
Focusing modes more info
    Blades 8 Contribute
    Elements 17 Contribute
    Groups 14 Contribute
    Weather-sealed more info No Data Contribute
    Box Contents
    Box Contents more info No Data Contribute
    Weight 1360g Contribute
    Height 189mm Contribute
    Diameter 92mm Contribute
    MTF Data
    Effective focal length 102-381mm Contribute
    Weighted MTF 100 mm: f4.5 0.78 | f8 0.80 180 mm: f5 0.77 | f8 0.82 300 mm: f5 0.75 | f8 0.79 400 mm: f5.6 0.74 | f8 0.76 Contribute
    Average Weighted MTF 0.78 Contribute
    Weighted MTF 10 lp/mm 0.86 Contribute
    Weighted MTF 20 lp/mm 0.74 Contribute
    Weighted MTF 40 lp/mm 0.52Max Contribute
    Distortion No Data Contribute
    Grade 3.6 Contribute
    Photodo MTF Score 3.6 Contribute

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